Haven't bought a single Ubisoft game in the last 10 years and don't even regret it

  • Just tried to install and play an original copy of the first assassins creed and within the first 5 minutes I just started to remember ALL the bad experiences. I had 10 crashes, tried several fixes, but none of them works and guess why? Because you're fucking assholes, you don't give a single fuck about your customers, the game is 10 years old and you haven't patched shit. But I guess it's our own fault since we are all criminal pirates anyways.

    Honestly I can't even remember a single product, I not bought, from Ubisoft in the last 10 years that I enjoyed, so Pirating is a good thing, so people don't have to buy your shit to get dissapointed. Just look at the new Assassins Creed's, all bugged and unplayable. I hope your CEO's die on cancer or even better on a Guillotine. I hope your whole fucking companie and every sub-companie goes bankrupt, because honestly that's what you deserve for treating everyone like shit. I can only hope those Idiots who buy your games wake up one day and realize what kind of stupid assholes you're.

    Never thought I would find a game company that's worse than Electronic Aids, it appears that it's a contest who can treat his community/customers the worst.

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